NOVEMBER 28-30, 2023 

Boston Park Plaza Hotel

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Warehouse and analyze Nextflow output using TileDB

Join TileDB's bioinformatics experts at Nextflow Summit in Boston to learn how its design as a modern database combines data, code, and compute — enabling interactive analysis of resulting datasets as a powerful alternative to VCF and h5ad files.

TileDB complements high-throughput Nextflow pipelines with solutions for population genomics (TileDB-VCF) and single-cell RNA-seq (TileDB-SOMA). The database system provides both open-source and scalable SaaS products that scale beyond the constraints of main memory to solve tertiary analysis problems. TileDB also incorporates bioinformatics-specific APIs to manage thousands of samples, delivering FAIR cataloging, data governance, and secure sharing of datasets & code for complete reproducibility.


About TileDB

TileDB provides a modern database that consolidates your data stack, without reinventing the wheel. With support for multiple data modalities, runnable code, and versatile compute options, TileDB offers a rich ecosystem of open-source tools for modern data management, available on GitHub. The commercial TileDB Cloud platform builds on these tools to deliver secure data governance, collaborative analysis and serverless distributed computing, enabling high performance and complete reproducibility.


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Our technical experts can meet anytime. Even if you won’t be in Boston for the conference, we’d be happy to arrange a call. Please submit the form above.

Meet the team of TileDB experts

Seth Selnutt

Seth Shelnutt

Chief Technical Officer

Jeremy Leipzig

Jeremy Leipzig

Senior Software Engineer


The Modern Database for Multi-Omics

TileDB for Population Genomics
TileDB for Single-cell Biology
TileDB for Biomedical Imaging
TileDB for Enterprise Analytics