Multi-omics data management and analysis with TileDB


NOVEMBER 8-10, 2022

Basel Congress Center | Basel, Switzerland

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Tackling the most challenging Life Sciences data problems

Multi-omics data have grown rapidly in volume and complexity over the past few years. Traditional tools are no longer adequate for addressing the current need for scaling data management and analysis in multi-omics research. In addition, the variety of current tools built for each of the data modalities have created large governance and discoverability pains in the organization. TileDB offers a portfolio of advanced scientific solutions built on a universal data platform. These solutions deliver unprecedented performance and scale, along with secure governance and simpler discoverability across all omics domains.

Join us at BioTechX stand #50. Come see how TileDB tackles data challenges in population genomics, single-cell analysis and biomedical imaging.

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We’re presenting on November 8 at 12:45 PM, as part of the Data Integration & FAIR track.

TileDB's Founder and CEO, Dr. Stavros Papadopoulos, will share his experiences working with major pharmaceuticals and hospitals who are pursuing data mesh initiatives and addressing issues of performance, scalability, and secure governance. He will explain how the TileDB platform enables high-performance, scalable compute for all modalities of omics data, while maintaining FAIR data principles. The use cases will cover the data management architecture required to support FAIR concepts across data ingestion, discovery, analysis, visualization and reproducibility.

Key topics:

  • Built-in metadata cataloging (Findability)
  • Secure access controls (Accessibility)
  • Unified data storage, accessible via multiple APIs and from existing popular tools (Interoperability)
  • Data and runnable code sharing for collaboration and reproducibility (Reusability)
Stavros Papadopoulos

Dr. Stavros Papadopoulos

Founder and CEO, TileDB

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Meet the team of TileDB experts

Aaron Wolen

Aaron Wolen

Senior Software Engineer

Seth Shelnutt

Seth Shelnutt

Chief Technical Officer

Chad Krilow

Chad Krilow

Genomics Solutions Architect